The Book Thief

book thief

The Book Thief
Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 131 minutes
Released: 2013
Director: Brian Percival

Cultural Rating: pawpawpawpaw

Overall, this film does an excellent job of engaging with a narrative, that of a German girl living in Germany during WWII, that is rarely considered in the discourse regarding Hitler’s occupation. Also, the film does a fantastic job of challenging gender roles regarding masculinity and femininity and engages with issues of race and ethnicity. However, while the film does provide some contextual information regarding the atrocities of WWII, it should not be considered as an educational film on the Holocaust. Providing some appropriate contextual information to the audience regarding the treatment of Jewish people and other marginalized identities in Europe and the Holocaust is strongly suggested as the film seems to presuppose that the audience (given its PG-13 rating) already has some knowledge regarding the Holocaust.


Liesel, a young girl living in Germany during WWII, develops a love of reading as her foster parents hide a Jewish refugee in their home.

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