Rating: G
Released: 1995
Run Time: 81 minutes
Directed By: Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg

Cultural ratingpawpaw

Overall, this film tries to engage with a marginalized identity (Native Americans) that is rarely depicted in mainstream media in a positive or uplifting manner; however, the film lacks the historical context necessary to situate the audience as far as the detrimental effects of colonization are concerned and also makes broad generalizations about Native American groups. Also, while Pocahontas challenges traditional gender roles regarding femininity in a number of ways, the film does little to engage with other marginalized cultural identities.


The daughter of Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas, is expected to marry an Algonquin suitor. However, despite the pressures from her father, Pocahontas resists the marriage and falls in love with Englishman John Smith.

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