Rating System

Cultural Content is rated out of “paws” paw (because pugs don’t have thumbs!), and Language, Violence, Sex, and Drugs and Alcohol are rated out of “poos” poo. Paws are good, so more paws awarded means better cultural content. On the other hand, no one wants to be cleaning up poos, so the more poos given means the worse the content is for that section. Some ratings are more clear-cut than others, but I do my best to rate consistently.

Several factors must be taken into consideration for the Cultural Content rating. For example, a film will receive a high rating (3-4 paws) if the film handles one or more marginalized cultural identities in an exceptional manner. A film will receive a lower rating (1-2 paws) if marginalized identities are not included or are included in a stereotypical manner. Just because a film doesn’t receive a high cultural rating doesn’t mean it’s “bad;” this just means that a parent/guardian/educator might want to take some extra time to discuss the film with a child.


  • 0 poo(s) = No inappropriate language
  • poo = Name calling, threatening and demeaning language
  • poopoo = Moderate swearing (“hell,” “damn,” “ass”)
  • poopoopoo = Pejorative language associated with a particular group of people (“bitch,” “injun,” “fag”)
  • poopoopoopoo = Frequent pejorative language and swearing


  • 0 poo(s) = No violence
  • poo= Fighting, no gore, weapons, threatening language
  • poopoo = Fighting, minimal gore
  • poopoopoo = Fighting, excessive gore
  • poopoopoopoo = Frequent fighting, gore, and/or weapon use


  • 0 poo(s) = No sexual content
  • poo = Minimal sexual content (kissing, hugging)
  • poopoo = Moderate sexual content (passionate kissing, hugging, removal of some clothing)
  • poopoopoo = Explicit sexual content (sexual intercourse, nudity)
  • poopoopoopoo = Frequent sexual content

Drugs and Alcohol

  • 0 poo(s) = No drugs or alcohol
  • poo = Brief and/or implied drugs and alcohol reference
  • poopoo = Minimal drug and alcohol use
  • poopoopoo = Moderate drug and alcohol use
  • poopoopoopoo = Frequent drug and alcohol use, illegal drug use


Note: Vito and his helpers do their best to interpret the films based on their knowledge of cultural studies; however, the reviews are not the only way to interpret a film’s cultural messages. If you have an alternative reading, please let us know how you might have interpreted the film differently in the “Discussion” section of our site.

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